Friday Fancies

 We’ve reached the end of our first week … and, well, we are delighted. Thank you all so very much for your input and encouragement. Keep it coming please! We treasure every little bit of it.

So, Friday.

Friday will be about all the things we would have liked to do whole posts on but didn’t have time, and, also, lots of bits and pieces to keep you going until Mindful Monday.

Firstly, over at H&P HQ, we love St. Vincent and so, we thought it only fair to share her brand new video Cheerleader with you all!

(loving the lyrics “I’ve told whole lies with half a smile”)

Secondly, inspired by yesterdays post we have found a few pictures to fill up your visual senses  …

You dancing? You asking?

And lastly, but not leastly … our first ever …

H. P. P.

Handsome and Pretty Playlist of course! We would love it to be the soundtrack for your weekend, enjoy!

Click here to listen:

Handsome&Pretty Friday Fancies 1 from handsomeandpretty on 8tracks.


Lover Come Back to me (Ella Fitzgerald)

I’m Hip (Blossom Dearie)

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (The Andrews Sisters)

Up A Tree (Cotton Jones)

Happy Talk (Ella Fitzgerald)

I’ll Have to Dance with Cassie (God Help The Girl).

Shake Down on 9th Street (Ryan Adams)

If Looks Could Kill (Camera Obscura)

Phew! And that, our friends, is it. Have a fantastic weekend. We shall see you back here on Monday morning when we can all step out together, best foot forward.

handsome and pretty



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