Mindful Mondays (Genius part I)

Good morning Handsomes and Prettys.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Any gossip?

So, here we are starting out on week two.

Last week we chatted about life patterns, how they influence our creativity, and the importance of starting out on the best foot. Following on from that or, strictly speaking, preceding that – it is most important to actually have belief in what you are about. If you don’t have that to begin with then the pattern exercises are somewhat redundant.

Over at H&P HQ we recently listened to a talk that resonated with us and inspired this post. The man speaking talked about how, all his life, he had always felt a little sub standard. His sisters were straight A students and seemed not to have to try very hard to achieve top grades. He, on the other hand, worked really hard and scraped C’s. He said that all his life he felt he had been given a 50 card deck instead of 52 and so was always that little bit behind and had to play this hand really well in order to get anywhere.

It put us in mind of the saying:

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not

After a lot of soul searching and years of feeling short changed, he discovered a wonderful, wonderful truth to dispel all the lies that had been holding him back. And we urge you to hold this fantastic gift very close:


Perhaps it is time to stop looking at all the things you (apparently) “can’t” do and start focusing on what you CAN? We have a choice here to A. be distracted and thus discouraged OR B. choose to stay in our lane, and invest in what we have been given. Surely the destination of this second track will be most fulfilling?It would seem so.

A father figure to H&P commented, “Once you are wired to this perspective (B) – even your negatives will be positive” A play on words, but pretty true.

The whole topic certainly raised some questions for us. How do you even know what you’re wired to do? Is ‘staying in your lane’ restrictive? Can our wiring change throughout our life?

We really would love to have your opinions on this. Lets have a discussion and see what we might discover.

handsome and pretty x


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