Love Tea

Here at Handsome and Pretty we recently signed up to the Martha Stewart craft of the day emails in an effort to inspire some tutorials of our own.

Now, as today is Valentines Day, do you perhaps feel like making a little Valentines gift for yourself? We did, so here it is – inspired by Martha’s one found here.

We decided to make some re-usable tea bags to be filled with any tea of your choice.

You will need:


scraps of fabric and muslin

red felt

sewing machine/needle and thread

Step 1: Make sure the fabric  you have collected is clean. Cut into small squares about 10cm x 10cm. You will need one square of muslin (to allow the flavours release from the tea bag) and one square of fabric for each tea bag.

Step 2: With the right sides facing each other of the muslin and fabric squares, sew along three sides of the squares. Then turn the bag the right way out and hem the top of the bag, about 1/2cm hem all the way around the top of the bag.

Step 3: Cut a small felt heart from the red felt and, using thread, join the felt heart to the bag leaving a length of thread between the felt and the tea bag.

Step 4: Fill your tea bag with tea of your choice, we put some nice fresh mint leaves into ours. Then tie some ribbon around the top of the bag to prevent any of the tea coming out of the bag.

Step 5: Boil up your kettle and fill up a cup. With your tea bag in the cup allow your tea to brew and enjoy!


Make sure to send us your pictures if you give this one a go.

Handsome and Pretty



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