Out and About…

If you’re still feeling in the romantic mood today then Casablanca is still showing for one more night at the QFT.

For all those Noel Gallagher fans out there Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are playing at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast tonight. Details can be found here.

Also Refresh Belfast have a talk on in the Black Box on Monday the 20th of February.

“Refresh Belfast is a bi-monthly event for designers, developers, geeks and nerds to get together to discuss design, debate emerging technologies and share ideas.”

The topic: “there’s more than one way to design a cat
with Richard Weston (Thought Collective) & Rick Monro (Tibus)
Do technique and approach define us as designers? Does absolutism have any place in a profession that is always in flux? Richard Weston and Rick Monro look at the extremes of our industry dialogue and, drawing on careers spent in the middle ground of the profession, appeal for discourse more appropriate to nurturing new and emerging talent.”

Let us know if you managed to attend any events and also let us know if there is something special happening in your area that we could post about.

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