work it out

Hope this week has treated you all kindly, you deserve it.

So a few wee things to keep you going for the next three days …

The Chase – I Like U

Next, pop over to the brilliant Create as Folk

Laura Simms is determined to make everyone work at their full potential.

She has created – Roadmap to Action – your masters coursebook in working your way. Better. Smarter.

Yes please!

“You know those successful creative entrepreneurs you admire? The ones who are always doing interviews, writing great blog posts, creating courses and products, going to conferences, and it seems like a billion other things? You know, the ones who are leading their industry? They’re not better or smarter than you. (Or have mutant DNA, as I once suspected.) They just know how to work better and smarter.”

We are up for anything that stretches and improves us. And tying in with Monday’s post – you gotta work with what you’ve got.

Now, check out Sophie Blackall‘s artwork for her Missed Connections project:

Such beautiful work.

And lastly, for your ears – the HandsomeandPrettyPlaylist

… tenuously connected to the theme of ‘work’

work it out from handsomeandpretty on 8tracks.

Tune in, enjoy.

Have a great weekend

handsome and pretty



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