Pancake treats

It’s that delicious time of year again, Pancake Tuesday!

Here’s a little recipe to get you going for the day, I have gone for thin and crispy crepes style.

1 egg

100g plain flour

225ml milk

1/2 tsp sugar

1/4 tsp salt

Throw everything in a bowl and mix it up. Giving it a final mix with a hand blender really speeds up the process. Then your batter is ready to go.

Get them into a really hot pan and they will be ready in a tick.

Now here at Handsome and Pretty we recently learned a little trick to keeping your pancakes warm while you are making more. Up until now we have been in the business of speedily eating each hot pancake as it comes off the pan so as we can get making the next one. But this is madness, everybody should be able to eat their pancakes together in a civilised manner. Have you come up against this issue yourself? Do you have any tricks to keeping them warm while you make up enough for everybody to enjoy? Well here is our trick courtesy of kind room-mate. Boil up a saucepan of water and set your colander on top of the saucepan. Cut a few sheets of greaseproof paper and have them at the ready. Then as each hot tasty pancake is ready place it in the colander with a sheet of greaseproof paper between each one. This keeps them piping hot till you are ready to serve them all up. Isn’t it just genius? The pancake maker actually gets to enjoy hot pancakes at the same time as everybody else.

We went for the classic toppings, either smoothered in nutella or covered in butter and sugar. What did you go for?

Handsome and Pretty



3 thoughts on “Pancake treats

  1. I love the classic lemon and sugar combo. But tonight I’m making the buckwheat version with a nutmeg-spinach combo and cheese nom nom nom

  2. I just ate 15 pancakes and they were delicious. My toppings were nutella and sugar and lemon. I also successfully flipped one and it didnt end up on the floor. Go Me!

    Hope everyone has a happy pancake Tuesday!

    Ps love your blog


  3. Now I know what I am having for lunch today. Thanks for sharing. Love the idea you have about keeping them warm.

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