Hanging Pretty…

For todays tutorial we decided to try out a little something we found in our Cath Kidston Sew book. It’s a really lovely book for little handmade bits and pieces if you happen upon a copy.

Pretty Hangers:

You will need: 20 x 65cm floral or patterned fabric (we used a tea cloth from primark which only cost £1.20); wooden coat hanger; padding (old top or tights, we used some left over batting from a quilt); 60cm bias binding; needle and thread (and sewing machine if you take a couple of short cuts like us!)

Step 1:

Bind the padding around the coat hanger. Starting at one end, wrap it tightly towards and then past the hook. Sew a few stitches to keep the end piece in place.

Step 2:

Cut a length of binding 2cm longer than the hook. We didn’t have any so just made our own by cutting a 20mm strip of fabric on the bias (at 45degree angle) and pressed it in half and then opened it up and pressed each side into the centre, a width of 5mm. Press under 5mm turning at one end. Fold in half lengthways and stitch the folded end and the long edges together to form a tube. Slide the open end over the hook and sew the raw ends to the padding.

Step 3:

Press a 1cm turning at the short edges and a 2cm turning along the long edges of the cover. Fold in half widthways and mark the centre point with a pin.

Step 4:

We used the sewing machine to hem all the edges that had been pressed and then stitched the folds at each of the short edges. Then sew the top edges of the left side together to the centre point using 5mm running stitches, worked 5mm down from the folds.

Step 5:

Slide the hanger into the cover. Pull up the thread so that the fabric gathers over the padding. Even out the folds and fasten off the thread. Gather the other side in the same way to finish.

Handsome and Pretty



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