Friday Fancies

And so we come to the end of yet another very eventful week. Well done all of us!

This weeks playlist is themed…And when we say themed…We mean loosely themed. After Colm’s interview and his amazingly technical wizardry genius, and yesterday’s Interplanetary Revolution … This weeks playlist is called …

Tenuously SpaceAge …

Get your ears in and around these bad boys

Tenuously SpaceAge from handsomeandpretty on 8tracks.

Also we are very much enjoying this tune at the moment:

Here at Handsome and Pretty a kind friend recently gave us the lovely gift of a subscription to the very beautiful and inspiring Oh Comely magazine and this week we received our first issue, issue 9. The front cover is simple with just one photo and the words “Keep your curiosity sacred” we were immediately captured and desperate to read what was inside. We were not disappointed. We won’t reviel the entire contents of the magazine but just a little taste that it brought our way for you to enjoy over the weekend.

Pretty illustrations:

Ben Javens

Anke Weckmann

Mary Kate Mcdevitt

Anybody else got Twin Peaks stuck in their mind after that one? Love it.

Sarah Abbott

Oh yes that old chestnut. Answers anyone?

We shall leave you with that one. Happy weekend.

Handsome and Pretty



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