Some Quilting by Hand

Hand Quilted Coasters

When searching our brains for a pretty yet affordable house-warming gift we made up a few of these:

You will need:

A few small pieces of fabric (15cm x 15cm, two for each coaster)

 Some small squares of batting (15cm x 15cm)

Fabric marker (Ink disappears in cold water)

Quilting needle and thread (you can use a normal needle if it’s all you have)

Scissors and sewing machine

Step 1:

Cut out a 15cm x 15cm in batting an two squares of the same size from your chosen fabric.

Step 2:

Place the two squares of fabric with their right sides facing each other, place these pieces on top of the batting and sew around all sides leaving a gap of about 8cm on one side.

Step 3:

Turn the entire piece inside out using the gap left on one side.

Step 4:

Top stitch the small gap closed. Using your fabric pen mark out the lines or pattern you would like to quilt.

 Step 6:

Now quilt along each of these lines. For easy how to hand quilt videos check out youtube as their are loads of videos with instructions like this one.

Step 7:

Now simply run cold water over the areas marked and the pen will just wash away.

Make sure to send us pictures if you try it at home and feel free to comment with any questions if any steps are unclear.

Happy crafting.

Handsome and Pretty



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