springing into stepping

hello there boys and girls

Recently we heard Sarah Jarosz on the BBC4 Transatlantic sessions. (Such a fantastic series – think it’s still available on iplayer).

At only 21, she really is quite something.

Here she is singing with the legendary Alison Krauss singing ‘Run Away’

we want to see her live!

Now, we don’t know about you, but we are loving the fact the sun is determined to be a part of our lives again, if even for fleeting moments. Spring is a comin’. Spring, a time of new growth and rebirth. A chance, a clean slate, an open door to step through.

One half of Handsome and Pretty just happens to be one Katie Harte (stop press! identities being revealed!!), designer and creater of the beautiful clothing range Pure Harte. She has agreed that today we can have a sneak preview of some of her spring collection … yippee!! The shots are from the set of a short film we put together last month to showcase her collection (soon to be released!) And ok yes that is me (Lisa Hogg) – the other half of Handsome and Pretty – in the photos. Our covers are officially blown.

Moving on …Danielle LaPorte has a fantastic site. She is all about the get up and go. Just reading her posts makes us feel like we can do anything we truly desire. We can, right?! She certainly thinks so. Her latest book is The Fire Starter Sessions – A Soulful and Practical Guide to Creating Success On Your Own Terms. You can download the first chapter for free. Definitely worth a read!

As with every Friday, there is a playlist. To set you up for the weekend with hopes high, this week is entitled …

Spring In Yer Step

spring in yer step from handsomeandpretty on 8tracks

have a fantastic weekend

handsome and pretty



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