So glad all those snakes are gone…

It’s that time of year again when everybody and anybody no matter where they are from celebrates their Irishness (is that a word?). Here at Handsome and Pretty we are no different so here are a few homegrown etsy favourites:

Yes of course you can go out, sure it’s St Patrick’s Day weekend twould be rude not to.

We also have our weekly playlist with a mix of some up and coming homegrown bands and a few classics:

Tunes are as follows:

Dancing in the Moonlight – Thin Lizzy

The Irish Rover – The Pogues

I’m Behind You – The Holy Innocents

Protection Racket – Fionn Regan

Cathy’s Clown (Everly Brothers) – Squarehead

Don’t Let Me Down – The Holy Innocents

Fine Threads – The Tender Hips

In He Comes – Cathy Davey

Happy St Patrick’s Day from handsomeandpretty on 8tracks.

As a final token of St Patrick’s Day spirit take a listen to this gem:

Let us know how you celebrate this weekend.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Handsome and Pretty



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