Lavender Hearts

For this weeks tutorial we went for something simple and useful. Keep your clothes smelling good and your wardrobe looking pretty by making up some lavender hearts to hang on your hangers.

You will need:

Some small bits of fabric (15cm x 15cm)

Heart template (can be drawn free hand or you can just print a basic heart from google images and then trace around it like we did)

Some ribbon (20 – 30cm)

Loose Lavender (We bought ours at a farmers market a while back, about 30-40g)

Step 1:

Make your heart template either by drawing it free hand or printing out a heart shape from clip art or google images and simply tracing around it with tracing paper. Then cut it out.

Step 2:

Cut out two pieces of fabric using the template.

Step 3:

Place your two hearts with their right sides facing each other and sew around the entire edge leaving a small gap at the top.

Step 4:

Careful cut small cuts into the fabric all around the edge of the heart but be careful not to cut into the stitching. This will help the heart sit like a heart when it is turned out the right way.

Step 5:

Turn the heart out the right way. Using the opening at the top fill with lavender, insert ribbon and top stitch closed to finished. Then hang in your wardrobe and enjoy the lovely smell.

Make sure to let us know if you give this a go. Comment with any questions you might have. Perhaps if you’re not fond of lavender you could fill your cushion with something else. Let us know your ideas.

Happy Crafting.

Handsome and Pretty



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