Pretty Useful

Today we decided to go for some simple recycling by turning something like this:

into something pretty and useful like this:

You will need:

Old tin or box

Paint (for whatever type of surface you’re using)

Trusty typewriter or label maker if you have one

Pretty tape to decorate the lid

Step 1:

Clean out your tin throughly and make sure it is completely dry. Then paint the outside of the tin with the colour of your choice, ours took a couple of coats so leave plenty of time to let each coat dry inbetween.

Step 2:

Using either you typewriter, printer or label maker make a little label for whatever you would like to store inside. We went for buttons. Glue onto front of tin.

Step 3:

Decorate lid if you so wish, we used some pretty masking tape we had but use your imagination as the possibilities are endless.

Step 4:

Then fill it up and start using it.

What else have you recycled recently? Comment with any questions as always.

Happy Crafting

Handsome and Pretty



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