Sister Stan

hello friends, we trust you are well.

Something to start you off this week,

because sometimes the ‘starting off’ is the tricky bit

Noticing the smallest changes in nature helps us to relish life afresh each day

Living is an art. The art lies not in what we experience in life‚ not the notes‚ but in how we harmonise our experiences. In the same way that it is in music, the art of creating harmony is in the pause, in the rest between experiences. It is in those times of rest that new life is born. Those precious moments between times, after one experience stops and before another begins, are priceless, because without them life would be without focus, harmony, melody, joy or rhythm. It would be more like the grating sound of the horn or of a crow or a police car.

Sr. Stan

(Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, or Sr. Stan as she is affectionately known, is a visionary and social innovator and a member of the congregation of Religious Sisters of Charity since 1958.)

(source unknown)

handsome and pretty



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