A bag for your bags.

Depending on where you’re living, you’re probably being charged for plastic bags these days and so, are reusing as many of the bags as you have. Here at handsome and pretty we like all things, well, handsome and pretty. Plastic bags are neither, so why not make something pretty to hide them in? Of course fabric bags are the prettiest alternative to plastic ones but sometimes you really do need one that’s water proof so it’s worth holding on to a few plastic ones for, you know that rare occasion when it rains in Ireland! This is actually the first ever sewing project I was taught in school when I was about 10 years old.

You will need:

Some fabric, one piece 45cm x 55cm and one piece 40cm x 15cm.

Some elastic, two pieces each 15-20cm.

Sewing machine or needle and thread

Step 1:

Cut one piece of fabric, 40m x 15cm, for the strap

Step 2:

Press it in half

Step 3:

Press both sides into the centre

Step 4:

Then press closed and sew along the edge to make the strap

Step 5:

Cut a piece of fabric measuring 45cm x 55cm and hem both ends (make sure the hem is the width of the elastic you’re using)

Step 7:

Thread the elastic through each hem and sew at each end

Step 8:

Sew all down the side and turn right side out

Step 9:

Add your strap to the top, and fill with some bags

Now, I think we all agree that’s far pretty than a bunch of old plastic bags stuffed into a corner.

Let us know how you get on, and comment with any questions as always.

Happy Crafting

Handsome and Pretty



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