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So what’s happening this week. The answer is lots.


On Monday (23rd), Dry the River are in town

supported by Belfast band The Holy Innocents.


Check out their tunes on both of their websites.

They are playing at the Limelight:

Monday – 23rd – April – 2012
Tickets £11.00 – Doors 9pm
get tickets here.

The 13th Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

“The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival – The Teenage Years. Yes, this year the festival enters the terrible teens with all the mood swings, irrational logic and fleeting, intense passions that that entails. And that’s just the CQAF Board….. Like any precocious 13 year old, there?s never a dull moment. Most recently, our Laganside funding was suddenly cut, then dramatically restored – thanks to a terrific lobbying campaign and a bit of common sense. Yet it remains a volatile time. Funding is precarious, sponsorship is in decline and larger, more commercial festivals are marking out the territory. Yet with the in-built sense of righteous ire of every teen, we’ll keep on doing what we do best – trying to make great events happen at prices most can afford. At this difficult age, sometimes it comes easy,sometimes it’s bit of a slog, but it always feels worth it in the end. So, who?s coming to our 13th birthday party then? Well, how about John Cale, Death in Vegas, Fatoumata Diawara, Mark Thomas, and of course, The Undertones – just for starters. You’d travel far to come across a line-up with names as great and diverse as these. Altogether now ‘Teenage dreams so hard to beat...?”
Festival Map
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Black Box, May 4th
 Dylan Moran – Festival Marquee, May 13th
Also don’t forget to check out everything the lovely Fionnuala Fagan (our delightful interviewee yesterday) is up to, as she has plenty going on too.
This just caught our attention because as much as we hate to admit it, haven’t we all suffered from a fear of work at some stage but always justified it as other things, other reasons?
“Grumble Theatre presents the tale of two friends: One a potential loser and the other a loser with potential. A hilarious new comedy about two outcasts from post-Celtic Tiger Ireland, left to struggle in a harsh world of unrelenting interviews, unconventional psychiatry and unmerciful rejection letters, with nothing to survive on, apart from the dole, desperate ideas and a lot of false hope. One was born into wealth and, for a variety of reasons, has decided to opt out of it by becoming a dole ‘lifer’. His philosophy is ‘we have nothing to fear but work itself’. His comrade is a recently unemployed civil servant. His main purpose in life is to make a little cash every week, in order to afford the essential things in life, such as imported German beer and package holidays. He’s stuck in a bind of constant fear of being idle and yet never getting anything done. Secrets unfold, truths are unearthed and together they strive to take on the job market and the world of big business. With the ideas flowing thick and fast, how can they fail?”
Where are you and what are you up to?
Get in touch or leave us a comment if there is something you would like us to promote.
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