A wee something for a wee someone.

Do you have somebody small to make cute things for, well then this is one you might like.

You will need:

Some fleece or towel type fabric, 30cm x 30cm

some floral fabric scraps

velcro or fasteners

Step 1:

Draw around an old bib on a page to make the pattern

Step 2:

Lay pattern piece on the fleece fabric and cut out

Step 3:

Cut out strips (10cm wide) of the floral fabric on the bias (at 45 degree angle) and sew them together to make one long strip. Then press in half.

Step 4:

Press each side of the binding into the centre fold you created when you pressed it in half.

Step 5:

Now sew binding around the entire rim of the fleece fabric.

Step 6:

 Attach a fastener or some velcro to the strap.

And then make as many as you like.

Comment with any questions.

Happy Crafting

Handsome and Pretty



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