Forest Friday, behind the scenes on our film

Happy Friday one and all!

This week, following on from our announcement on Wednesday, we wanted to give you a little sneak preview of behind the scenes on our short film.

As ever music is a HUGE inspiration for us and so we have selected some tracks this week that did just that when we were creating and filming. Perhaps by listening to the playlist you’ll also get a feel for what we were experiencing.

As well as doing just about everything else (providing the clothes, props, styling, keeping track of all shots taken) Katie was also on hand taking sneaky photos to document the process.

Her beautiful handmade clothes:

the on going discussions …

finding locations …

and, although she was hidden behind the camera, Barry did manage to snap a small bit of her here as we created the ‘floating images’ set in the bathroom!

She also captured these two short clips from the film using our 8mm app …

Our final shots were to take place on the shore of Lough Neagh. There, we were greeted by the most wonderful sunset. Having only used natural light throughout our filming, this was an absolute gift.

It was sparked from a late night conversation between Katie and I, just like so many before. This time, we just went for it. And we are so very happy we did.

It was funny that in Wednesdays interview, Mark McCambridge from The Holy Innocents said “If you do nothing, nothing happens” He couldn’t have given more appropriate advice. So we were somewhat clueless about what we were doing and just jumped in at the deep end, but what has been created as a result, we are immensely proud of. We can’t wait to show you next week!!!

handsome and pretty



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