I will survive

Sticking with the theme of our film release we decided to do more of a ‘what to?’ rather than a ‘how to?’, this week. The heroine in our story escapes to the forest but what exactly would one pack for such adventures, as with any situation we asked oursevles what would The Famous Five do?

We consulted ‘The Famous Five Survival Guide’. See below. Just seeing the names of the characters takes us right back.

Also for you viewing pleasure a couple of short films that inspired us to create our own.

Firstly a little number created by Gio Coppola, staring the lovely Kirsten Dunst and Jason  Schwartzman.

Also the beautiful video of Ghost Town from First Aid Kit

24 hours to go till the big release. We’re so very excited to release our creation.

Handsome and Pretty



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