Out and about

What’s happening at a place near you this week?


The Black Box

Born to Run

““Born To Run” is a play based on the Life, Loves and Music of Bruce Springsteen. With the looks and the sounds of The Boss, this one man show traces Springsteen’s life from his humble beginnings, through his world renowned success and up to the present day.”

Born To Run, The Play
18th May 2012


Grand Canal Theatre

Keeping with the theme of music and theatre the King and I will be showing from May 22nd.

“This breath-taking new production from the Curve Theatre, Leicester, directed by Paul Kerryson, is a lavish, grand-scale spectacle. With giant gold Buddhas, sumptuous costumes, a chorus of adorable children, acrobatic dancers and live music this beautiful production guarantees standing ovations.”

Get your tickets here.

What’s going on near you this week?

Please comment if you would like us to mention something.

Katie and Lisa

Handsome and Pretty



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