Learn a new stitch

Instead of the usual sewing related tutorial we decided to try a little crochet, to make a pretty patch work baby blanket.

Each square is known as a granny square in the crochet world and they are easy to do once you get the hang of them.

You will need:

A few different coloured balls of wool

Crochet hook (we used 2.5mm to make small cute squares but you can use any size to suit your wool and make the squares as big or small as you like depending on how big you would like your blanket to be.)

Step 1:

Crochet a granny square, if you don’t know how this is done it’s very simple to learn with the aid of a few trusty youtube videos, here’s one we found easy to follow.

Step 2:

Work many more squares until you have enough to complete your blanket. We used 42 squares in total. Then sew all your squares together, using a simple top stitch.

Once they are all sewn together your blanket is complete. It’s a lovely gift to any expecting or new mum. It can also make a great baby shower idea, teach each guest to crochet a square and then add all the squares together at the end of the party to make a blanket for the new baby.

Happy Crafting

Handsome and Pretty



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