Friday Fancies Teatro

And a very happy Friday to you all, be you regulars or new faces.

This Friday is solely dedicated to our new family member Fleur Jackson, who was our very exciting interviewee on Wednesday. She really did inspire us.

In tribute, we decided to create a mood board for her restaurant TEATRO, in Belfast. We have been there quite a few times and are huge fans of the atmosphere, music, food and decor.

When we sit at the tables we feel like we are in on a secret, transported back to a French cabaret world of chandeliers and lace, drinking a bit too much red wine by candlelight, and being shamelessly romanced by the voice and piano.


(images via Pinterest, Teatro’s website and David McCauley)

We also decided that this week’s playlist should attempt to create the atmosphere of Teatro’s clinking glasses, whispers and laughter.

Have a listen, and be seduced …

Are you more than tempted? We think you should definitely book a table.

Oh and invite us along too – of course.

have a wonderful weekend,

handsome and pretty


p.s. don’t forget the Pure Harte giveaway on Tuesday’s post … Just leave a comment and be in with a chance to win a beautiful blouse x


One thought on “Friday Fancies Teatro

  1. Really enjoyed listening to Teatro’s playlist on this damp dreary Friday morning in Nth Ireland….Tom Waits just about right for the mood of the day 🙂

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