Dream a little dream

hello everyone

We were often told off at school for daydreaming out of the classroom window. Here is a snipet from a very interesting article “Dream a Little Dream” by Richard Fisher in the latest issue of New Scientist. Worth a read.

“… according to some estimates, we may spend nearly 50 per cent of our lives drifting away from the present moment into the world inside our heads. Sigmund Freud considered such zoning out “infantile”; others feared it could lead to psycosis. Today, we know it is instead the sign of a healthy mind, allowing us to plan for the future by imagining different events, for instance…

Drifting, it seems, is a sure sign that our creative juices are flowing. When it comes to arriving at brilliant ideas, the ability to concentrate is overrated. If a person’s mind is wandering, they outperform their peers in a range of tasks where flashes of insight are important, from imaginative word games to exercises in original thinking and invention … results suggest that learning how to tread the line between focussing in and zoning out could help you to arrive at a breakthrough you might otherwise have missed.”

what do you think?

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