Da Vinci, Still Dancing and Flying Poetry

How did your artist’s date go? Did you do it? We’d love to hear if you did.

This week we have some wonderful activities to share with you. Good for solo days or, of course, with a chum too.


The Ulster Museum have

“Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci”

from 15th June – 27th August

(Tues – Sun, 10am – 5pm)

” Peer into the mind of a remarkable genius with this exhibition of ten drawings by Renaissance master, Leonardo da Vinci. Discover the extraordinary scope of his interests – painting and sculpture, engineering, botany, mapmaking, hydraulics and anatomy. Almost all Leonardo’s great projects were never completed and it is through his drawings, such as the magnificent examples included in this exhibition, that we gain a greater understanding of his remarkable achievements.”

And … This exhibition is free to attend! So absolutely no excuses.


Here at Handsome and Pretty we often speak of the concept of mindfulness. We have also quoted Sister Stanislaus Kennedy on many occasions and found her to be so insightful.

Well, here is an event which combines both!


20-24th June, Sanctuary Meditation Centre

A dance to the centre of stillness

 In the beautiful gardens of The Sanctuary meditation centre, Smithfield, you are invited on a journey of mindfulness. A dance duet drawing inspiration from the book Stillness by Sister Stan.

 This performance will take you on your own personal journey through the gardens to find the place below the tide of your thoughts.

 Dancer and Choreographer Lisa McLoughlin and performance artist Fergus Byrne will perform a duet through the gardens and spaces of Sanctuary.

 We look at the struggle of maintaining mindfulness within our busy world, then sink beneath the struggle to the endless space within.

Below the Tide will be performed at the Sanctuary on Stanhope Street, Dublin 7.


Southbank Centre have an unbelievable programme of events as part of their Festival of the world – you must check it out if you’re in the city.

One major part being Poetry Parnassus (26th June – 1st July) :

The world’s poets are coming to London – meet them, hear them and celebrate with them at Southbank Centre. There are over 100 free events, activities and workshops happening every day throughout the festival. The world’s most exciting poets, rappers, spoken word artists, singers and storytellers are gathering for this huge event that will make history as the largest poetry festival ever staged in the UK.

One free event which hugely excites us is entitled Rain of Poems. How beautiful does that sound?

Watch 100,000 poems by over 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries fall from a helicopter over Jubilee Garden during Poetry Parnassus as the sun sets.

The performance, carried out by the Chilean arts collective, Casagrande in collaboration with Southbank Centre, is set to be one of the most visually stunning displays of aeronautical poetry ever seen.

Rain of Poems over London is the sixth performance of its kind which sees poetry raining down on cities that have suffered air raids in the past. It has been held in Berlin, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Guernica, Spain, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Santiago, Chile.

The bookmarks are released at twilight and printed in two languages, written by both Chilean writers and writers involved in Poetry Parnassus. This performance has a symbolic value that serves to create an alternative image of the past and is a gesture of remembrance but also a metaphor for the survival of cities and people.

26th June (subject to weather!!) Certainly not to be missed.

As ever, please let us know if you are involved in something that deserves a shout out or if you attend any of our choices and have an opinion.

have fun now,

handsome and pretty



One thought on “Da Vinci, Still Dancing and Flying Poetry

  1. I love your post today! Handsome and Pretty really keeps me up to date with
    whats happening in these islands….thank you.

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