Fear not

Good day one and all. How was your weekend?

On Saturday, Danielle La Porte’s email was entitled “Do You Need to Suffer to Grow?”. It was a great interview with Michael Bungay Stanier (off of Box of Crayons). It is definitely worth a read. Our favourite part was DLP’s extremely well worded comments on fear. We thought we’d share it with you.

“I think trying to avoid fear is intensely detrimental.

Trying to avoid fear is like trying to avoid curiosity. You cannot avoid being curious, you are or you aren’t. I think you shouldn’t avoid, you should actually look for it. Every new situation you should think, what am I scared of? You are scared of something. Fear is a huge teacher.

I love my fears but I am really clear that I lead my fears.

They do not manage me. They have a very particular seat on the bus. I listen to them, I thank them + then they stay in their place. They do not run the show.”

How wonderful is that? Thanks Danielle.

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