Friday Fantasy Lives

Hello handsomes and pretties, we hope you have reached Friday intact.

Today’s post has been inspired by an email we got yesterday from the girls at Decadence Vintage Events, letting us know about the Decadence Bridal Fair in Belfast on 5th August. Now, we’re not planning to get married any time soon, but the photographs were just so beautiful. Entitled “A Romany Love Affair”, it tapped straight in to our fantasies of escaping our lives and roaming the world in a horse drawn caravan, wearing long flowing dresses and smelling flowers in meadows. You know, practical fantasies like that.

So firstly we need to choose a caravan. Any of these will do thanks …

and then, we have to decorate the inside …

and most days we will be looking like this …

and (sorry we couldn’t resist) we’d be humming this tune:

A little bit of a Fun Friday fantasy … if you could pack it all in and create a fantasy world what would it look like? And who says a little bit of fantasy can’t become reality?

We’re off to pick a bunch of wild flowers and place them in a pink glass jar …

love to you all, handsome and pretty



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