Rescue Your Day


Always arriving with that looming mythical concept of it being a bad day? NO! Not always. But … ok … yes, sometimes. And also sometimes on other days of the week too. Lets face it, some days are just difficult. But that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Do you have ways of changing the course of a day going ‘wrong’?

We read these five points over at pickthebrain for a ‘day-rescue’ and liked.

1. Clear your head: On days like this, our brains can be our own worst enemy. We weigh our minds down with worries about the mistakes we’ve already made and anticipate ones in the future.

To escape this string of failures, what you need to do is clear your head. You can go for a walk, do a quick coffee run, or just take a few minutes to meditate at your desk. Whichever way you choose, taking the time to clear you head can change the direction of your day.

2. Pick an easy win: Sometimes, all you need to break a string of losses is a win. It doesn’t even matter if the win is a small one. On a day where you feel like you can’t do anything right, your brain can be your own worst enemy.

Picking an easy win can be the key to re-establishing your confidence.

 3. Sweat it out: While we have created a complex society, we are still the same Homo Sapiens who had to hunt for food and fight for survival on a daily basis. We have “fight or flight” reactions that make perfect sense for survival, but are very counter-productive in the average office environment.

Taking a brief exercise break can help you burn off the stress hormones that you’ve built up and clear your head.

 4. Trade it off: If one task is proving particular insurmountable for you, can you trade it off with a colleague for one that they dislike? You’ll still end up with a difficult task, but perhaps you can get one that you find more manageable than the particular task that was causing you such troubles.

 5. Bow out gracefully: Sometimes matters are truly beyond our control. Perhaps you came to work sick, or have some other obstacle to you finishing your day. Either way, sometimes getting out of the way of trouble is the best way to not encounter it.

Remember, many times a bad day can be rescued before it’s too late. So, don’t surrender before you give it a try!

 (Alex Conde writes at Searching for Happy)

worth giving it a go!

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