P.S. I made this

Here at Handsome and Pretty we have only just discovered the very exciting and brilliant DIY blog called P.S. I made this:

Erica Domesek, founder, creator, and author of P.S.- I made this… is a distinguished DIY design and style expert living and creating in New York City. P.S.- I made this… inspires and encourages everyone to embrace Erica’s creative motto: “I see it. I like it. I make it.“”

We decided to tell you all about it and post about a few of our favourite little tutorials from the site. Check it out as soon as you can.

We love these floral crowns for a pretty picnic or maybe a nice summer wedding:

“To create, twist large flowers together (use flowers that have bendable coated wire).   Begin to create a crown shape by twisting and connecting as you go. Incorporate smaller flowers and wrap around the base of the crown.   Sprinkle smaller accent flowers until you’re satisfied.  Make sure to try on as you go so it fits perfectly. Unleash your inner flower child as you crown yourself the queen of DIY! “

We think this would look great in any Handsome and Pretty home:

“To create: gather driftwood from the beach, or perhaps find at your local craft or flower supply store .  Double knot brightly colored string to an area of the driftwood and wrap tightly.  Continue with your other colors of string and create a color block pattern in sporadic areas of the driftwood.  After  wrapping, double knot, snip with scissors, and use a dab of glue to seal.  To create an over-the-top tabletop candelabra, use strong wood glue to bond together, holding in place till dry.  You may even want to use a paper tape to hold together, which will act like a vice to hold during the dry time.  Lastly, attach mini tea lights onto the wood using super glue.”

Have you got a few t-shirts that you still haven’t gotten around to bringing to the charity shop well here’s an alternative idea:

“To create, grab a striped tee, turn inside out and wrap rubber bands tightly around each sleeve.  Cinch the waist, and wrap two bands around tightly for extra support.  Keep in mind, the further down you gather and wrap, the larger your bag will be.  Snip a 1/2” inch below each rubber band and flip fabric right side out.  Find a long zipper  in a fun contrasting color and secure to the opposite sides of the neck by stitching.  P.S.- Reinforce stitches by sewing with thread doubled.”

Do any of these tickle your fancy?

What have you been making lately?

Please comment and let us know. Happy Crafting.

Handsome and Pretty



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