The Big Screen

It’s Thursday again already. What are you plans for the weekend? Heading out and about? As it’s the end of the month we are thinking of heading out to a film, but what is on and where you ask….here you go:



Your Sister’s Sister

“This intelligent, heartfelt film observing sibling relationships is full of talent, from Lynn Shelton’s confident direction to the enchanting performances from stars Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt and Mark Duplass.

Improvising much of the dialogue, the three actors are terrific, imbuing their complex, sometimes maddening characters with genuine heart. Shelton and her cast develop an idea initially conceived by Duplass into a funny, truthful story about sibling bonds, friendship, love and miscommunication.”


The Irish Film Insititute

We really really like the look of Detachment, has anybody seen it yet?


“The latest provocation from maverick photographer, musician and filmmaker Tony Kaye, Detachment is an incendiary American high-school drama that makes Kaye’s earlierAmerican History X seem almost light-hearted by comparison. In his best performance since his Oscar-winning turn in Polanski’s The Pianist, Adrien Brody plays disaffected substitute teacher Henry Barthes, whose latest gig is at an inner-city public school in New York that is clearly falling apart. The principal (Marcia Gay Harden) is about to be forced out due to poor test results, the teachers and other staff members are floundering, and the majority of students seem to have no interest in learning. Yet the kids do respond positively to the stoicism and tenacity of Barthes, who refuses to back down in the face of their taunts. Written by Carl Lund, himself a former teacher, the highly charged conversations and interactions between the students and staff are authentic and forceful.”

What else is going on this week that shouldn’t be missed?

Please comment and keep us up to date.

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