Hello there.

Like 500 million trillion billion other people, we love Pinterest. We have recently become a bit more active on our page (an addictive activity!).

This Friday we have decided to let you all know what we have been up to this week via images from Pinterest that we love.

We ‘worked’ (i.e. lay) in the park …


We drank copious amounts of coffee …


We rediscovered the gourmet delight that is egg on toast …


We went to the library to find books for a research project …


Painted our toenails so we could wear our summer sandals …


Of course we also spent a few hours doing house work


Cooked a few dinners


and washed our clothes


The sun was shining in Belfast yesterday, actually shining. A lot of towns in these parts have been enjoying a bit of sun for a few days now but yesterday was the first really sunny day for Belfast in quite a while so our little playlist this week is in honour of the beautiful sun. Keep on shining Mr. Sun. Please.

Please do follow us on pinterest. You love it as much as we do. No joke. Honest truth. YOU WILL LOVE IT. Find us here or simply click on the button on the sidebar. Come join us, you know you want to.

Happy Weekend

Handsome and Pretty



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