Friday Birthday Gifts Guide

We don’t know about you, but suddenly it’s EVERYONE’S birthday. And we mean everyone. And we want to buy them nice things. Interesting things. Not run of the mill presents like an egg timer or a fluffy duster. No. So, we have been trawling the world wide web to find our favourite handmade goodies made by exceptionally clever people (because we like exceptionally clever people).

From {papermash} – the shop of blogger Tea For Joy

For your friend who loves pretty things –

Honeycomb tissue balls (£3.50)

For your ultra organised chum –

Leaf post its – 20 for £4

From under the umbrella of (our ever favourite) PoppyTalk Handmade

For your cool male friend with an eye for interiors –

Salt Labs – map pillow cover $63

For a little girl who loves a bit of magic and likes to write her thoughts down (us?!)

Girls Can Tell – magical unicorn pocket notebook $8

From Paper and Chain

For your sharp and stylish friend who has it all

Trilogy Necklace £40

Vega Ring £15 (they look amazing stacked together)

From Dottie Angel

For your crafty pal who lives in a beautiful and fantastical world of fabric and aprons

The Suitcase Series Volume 2 : Dottie Angel $35

“Tif Fussell is a Brit transplated to the suburbs of America, wife and mother of four. Dottie Angel is her crafty alter-ego, with whom she indulges in crafting, thrifting, pottling and pondering. Beautiful photographs and a unique voice invite the reader into this peachy, perfect world. Includes instructions for eight Dottie-inspired projects.

Textured front cover, rounded corners and diecut postcard stitched with yellow thread. Fabric name label on back cover. The first edition includes a limited edition glassine envelope containing a project postcard, vintage buttons and fabric, paper bobbin of thread and a vintage doily or lace patch. 256 pages, 6.625” x 8” “

From BretJames
For a boyfriend, part time lover, fancy man

Retro Industrial Desk Lamp $79

OK, so, this last one can be for anyone. It’s a bit OUT THERE in terms of price, but we just could not resist …

From The BoomCase Store

“The BoomCase is a Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system that works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone jack.”

Denim Fresh $825

The Sergeant $975

Yes presents are very important but what’s more important? Yes, that’s right, the PARTY MUSIC!

Here’s what we’d like to be dancing around to our living room to – guests or no guests …

Enjoy your weekend all you handsome and pretty folk



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