Forgive Yourself

Good day to you all.

(Cow Parade Northern Ireland 2012)

We grow up being taught to forgive other people. Which, of course, is quite correct. The above quote, reminds us just how beneficial this act can be on a personal level.

It made us think though that sometimes, we also need to be reminded to forgive ourselves.

It is common to beat yourself up about mistakes you have made, and regrets that you have. It is so hard to give yourself a second, third, fourth, fifth … chance, to allow yourself the grace to start over once more. But, it is vital if there is to be any progress forward. Not forgiving yourself means you’re stuck. Stuck in the past. And that’s no good.

We all do it. One question though, would you do the same to a friend? Probably not – not if you really loved them. Forgiving yourself doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences and hard decisions. But how much smarter is it to put all the energy that is zapped by guilt and shame, into resolve and determination to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and frankly to give YOURSELF A BREAK.

something to think about, handsome and pretty x


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