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We keep seeing collars every where we look these past few weeks. From high end

Marni Collars Autumn Winter 2012

Marni Collars Autumn Winter 2012



to high street



We’re very excited to announce that the Katie half of Handsome and Pretty has been invited to guest blog on the Front Row Society blog once a month. Each post will be a fashion related tutorial and this month’s contribution is all about collars. See below for the post or find it here. Also find the interview here.

Hello and welcome. This is my first tutorial post with Front Row Society. I am very excited to share a few simple ideas and tips on how to make things. It’s so easy to add a little bit of your own style to your outfit. My name is Katie Harte and I run a small clothing label called Pure Harte. I also represent one half of the wonderful new blog I am originally from Dublin and currently residing in Belfast.

The season is changing and so are our wardrobes. Today I wanted to do a little tutorial on how to make a few small and simple collars to add to any outfit to change up your look.

I want to begin with one which is a bit different and is great for using up any little bits and pieces that you may have lying around. I used mostly the ends of some fabrics and trimmings.

You will need:

Various pieces of trimmings or scraps of fabrics

Sewing Machine

Plain white fabric (about 50cm x 20cm)

Paper to make a simple pattern


Step 1:

Using a pen and paper make a basic pattern, simply measure your neck and draw an arc to that length. Make this collar about an inch thick. (Alternatively lay out the collar of a top and trace around it)

Lay it out on a mannequin if you have one or just out flat.

Step 2:

Cut up various pieces of trimmings and fabric to a length of about 2inches or shorter if you prefer.

Step 3:

Pin each piece to the main collar until you have it covered completely.

Step 4:

Now run the entire length of the collar through the sewing machine at least two or three times.

Step 5:

Attach a hook and eye to the front of the collar and you’re ready to go.

For alternatives to this try taking your original pattern and curving it around at the front. Cut two pieces and sew them together to create a simple collar plain collar. These cute ones go with just about everything.

Try adding a few buttons, just on one side

or the entire way around

Why not make it reversible by adding using some pretty floral fabric for the under side.

Try adding a collar to a casual dress.

Or something pretty to wear with a dressy outfit

What will you be adding a collar to? Please do comment with any questions.

Happy Sewing

So how was the first guest post? Any thoughts or comments?

Handsome and Pretty



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