Can you take a look at yourself?

What is your opinion on ‘self – improvement’?

It seems to us, as we grow a little bit older every day, that it is pretty high up there on the priority list.

The realisation that we have been coming to here (and please let us know what you think of this), is that unless we really get to grips with who we are as a people – recognising and accentuating our strengths; admitting, challenging and then rectifying our weakness – then how on earth do we ever expect to arrive, progress and excel?

Life, for all its wonderfulness, can be a frustrating struggle at times. Especially when it comes to the old ‘who we want to be when we grow up’ (when is that again?). Perhaps though, if we made a decision to look inward rather than outward and did the work that was necessary, we could harness all the energy that frustration and disappointment sucks out and wastes, and put it to good use by changing what needs to be changed. Perhaps by doing this, some of the weeds blocking our pathway would be cleared.

Do you think this is necessary? Important? Achievable?

Let your voice be heard

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Let your voice be heard

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