Can You Keep A Secret?

Today we recieved a somewhat cryptic email from (ssshhh …) Secret Cinema to let us know that their new season is due to begin. Very exciting – if you are in the London area you should get signed up.

It got us thinking about secrets. How we love to hate them. How they bubble up inside us and drive us mad. How they transform us into children within an instant. Some of us are faithful secret keepers and others feel they might actually burst if they don’t whisper it to another.

We all have them, some innocent, and some … well … not so.

As children we passed secret notes to each other and were members of secret societies.

We will never forget reading The Secret Garden, and dreaming of stumbling upon hidden treasures behind overgrown doors.

As (pretend) grown ups it seems the dream of secret gardens has not faded …




And there was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, making us forever believe that if we looked close enough, knew the right secret tiles to push or books to select, that a door would open into a secret room …




What secrets are you keeping? Want to tell us? We won’t tell a soul … promise …

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