Spooky crafts


We know it’s still a couple of weeks away but we found these simple halloween crafts that we wanted to share.

This one is from Yesterday’s Sweetheart

I had so much fun making these pumpkins! I was trying to think of a fun craft I could do while David was at work the other night and this instantly came to mind. I’m probably the worst pumpkin carver ever (although I plan on gutting one soon for seeds)- this ended up being an easy solution! 
Here’s what I used: small white decorative pumpkins, mod podge, loose gold glitter, martha stewart foam pouncers, brush & spray sealer. 
For the dots: dip the pouncer in some mod podge, blot excess on newspaper and stamp 2-3 circles at a time on pumpkin- glittering each one and working your way around. For the stripes: brush on mod podge on every other node, glitter as you work around. Clean brush and brush off any extra loose glitter around pumpkin, seal and you’re done!
This little one is from Design Editor


  • Two sheets of black poster board 
  • Spray adhesive
  • Black glitter
  • Packing tape (Scotch tape isn’t strong enough)



Roll one sheet of the poster board into a cone shape. Roll tightly to make a tall skinny hat, looser for a wider hat. Hold together in the back with packing tape. (Don’t worry about the tape showing, the glitter hides it well.) Trim the base to make the bottom of the cone flat.


To make the brim, draw and cut out a large circle on the other sheet of poster board. The circle doesn’t have to be perfectly round. A little unevenness gives the brim character. Draw a circle in the center of the brim the same circumference as the base of the cone. Pop your scissors in this circle and cut tabs. 


Fold up the tabs and tape to the inside of the cone. You have your hat! To glitter, go outside and spread out something to catch the excess glitter. Spray the hat with the adhesive and glitter away! I sprayed in sections so it wouldn’t dry up. Really coat the hat with glitter. I even sprayed over glittered areas that looked thin and glittered again. You can’t hurt it. Same goes for dents or creases in the poster board, the glitter makes it all better.

NOTE | This hat is meant to just sit and look pretty versus using it for a costume. It’s pretty delicate and the glitter will come off if you handle it too much.


Here’s the final product on my mantle. I included pumpkins, antique books and bound together glittery branches with ribbon to look like a witch’s broom. This completely took on a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry vibe all by itself. Cool.


Any costume ideas yet?

Happy Crafting

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