Something kinda ooh

Girls Aloud once sang a song entitled Something Kinda Ooh.

A few things this week have made us go Ooh and so we thought we’d share our oohs with you…s…

On Monday we were very lucky  to receive a copy of a wonderful new book.

“The Littlest Birds Sing The Prettiest Songs”

Beautifully illustrated  and truly heart-melting

“Our love affair with folk songs runs as deep as the enduring power of music, nature, creativity, and the longings of the human heart. Artist Jennie Smith celebrates the tradition with her illustrated renderings of thirteen soulful songs, including time-honored Scottish ballads, classics by the likes of the Carter Family, contemporary favorites by Gillian Welch, and more. Smith’s art—hopeful, sincere, and delicate—adds an unexpected and charming dimension to a familiar genre. With a foreword from contemporary folk legend Michael Hurley, complete lyrics, and playable tablature or sheet music for each song, this is a keepsake collection for the whole family to treasure.”

Available at good book stores and online – including Amazon


We kept seeing cabbage flowers everywhere and they were just too beautiful.

image via pinterest

And so, because we’re WORTH IT, we bought ourselves a bunch! They get an oooh! every time we pass them.


We are forever finding beautiful shops and items on Poppytalk Handmade

and this ‘Autumn Frost Garland’ caught our eye

Autumn Frost Pom Pom Garland by Dearest Someday


How lovely are these prints?

From Domestica Print


On Wednesday we shared our Favourite Five Blankets with you all. One of which came from Etsy Shop GYPSYA.

There were so many other little treats in the shop that made us go oooh! including this Handmade Brass Bracelet

(which is currently on sale!)


and last but not least …

We all need a helping hand once in a while and there are those certain people who reach out their hand without thinking again, and again, and again … and again.

We wanted to say thank you.


 via Lolita (click on image if not moving)


have a delicious weekend,

see you monday

handsome and pretty



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