For those who love handmade

We know it’s not quite December yet but if you like to have a few handmade decorations then you had better start making so they are ready in time. Here’s a tutorial we found and love:

A beautiful wreath from Our Unexpected Journey

Here’s how I made it:

It’s not rocket science, just a cheap mdf letter from Michaels, glue gun {of course}, holly from Michaels and burlap garland or ribbon.  I found this burlap ribbon at Michaels as well and it will be perfect to add to my green garland but I’m wanting the wired ribbon to make more bows so I ordered that from Ballard Designs and I’m waiting for it’s arrival.  The ribbon should be easier to manipulate into a bow as well for other wreaths. 

Just cut the holly off and glue!  Fill in the spaces and you’re done!  Depending on the letter of your last name you may have to get creative with how you hang your ribbon from the letter. 

What decorations are you planning to make?

handsome and pretty



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