The big screen

Did anybody else wake up with this scene in their head?

What’s on at the cinema you ask, well here are a couple we think look good:



The Master

“In an arresting return to the big screen, Joaquin Phoenix plays a troubled soldier in post–World War II America. Stripped of every common civility, he rages through life like an animal, unable to keep a job, to attract a woman, to live in his own skin. By chance one night he jumps on board a docked ship and stows away as it sets sail. He soon discovers that the ship belongs to the mesmerizing Lancaster Dodd. With his wife (Amy Adams), Dodd probes the unconscious minds of his subjects, driving them to reveal hidden vulnerabilities. The cerebral Dodd and his feral stowaway appear to be complete opposites, but they strike up a surprising friendship. In scenes of sometimes shocking soul-baring, the two forge a primal bond — until the disciple begins to question his master.”

And if you’re feeling christmassy then they are also play The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. The perfect way to get into the spirit.



Death of a Superhero

” this is the warmly funny and surprisingly uplifting story of terminally ill 15-year-old Donald (Thomas Brodie-Sangster,Love Actually).

Donald works through his feelings on his prognosis in sessions with therapist Dr. King (Andy Serkis) and in comic book-style drawings in which he is an invincible superhero fighting his mortal enemy. Despite his illness, Donald has the usual concerns of a teenage boy – sex, primarily. With the arrival of quirky new classmate Shelly (Aisling Loftus), this becomes secondary to the romance blossoming between them, and the problems attendant on first love.”


What have you seen lately that is worth a mention?

handsome and pretty



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