Make your own cute deer

We came across this and thought it would be the sweetest handmade gift. You could even turn her into a reindeer.

We found this lovely tutorial here

How to make a retro fawn softie from the new book Palm-Size Softies

Retro fawn deer plushie stuffed<br />

Is this little fawn cute or what?

I knew instantly when I started flipping through

Palm-Size Softies: Patterns and Ideas for 44 Stuffed Pets and Dolls That Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

this was going to be the first softie I was going to sew.

How to make a fawn deer plushie

The patterns and directions to make this retro fawn softie were so easy to work with and follow.

Retro fawn deer pattern template

First I made a copy of the patterns from Palm-Size Softies.

How to make a little deer plushie 
Then I cut all the pieces out of fabric.

All that was left to do was follow the sewing and assembly instructions (see below).

Fawn pony pattern plushie softie 

Want to make one yourself? Just click on the retro fawn and pony patterns and get sewing!

Retro fawn deer pattern plushie

  Assembly instructions:

How to sew a fawn deer softie 
Accessorize your softie with faux fur and a pom pom nose.

How to make a retro style fawn plushie

If you like this cute softie (or plushie) project and want more awesome designs and patterns, grab a copy of:

Palm-size softies plushies patterns 

Palm-Size Softies:

Patterns and Ideas for 44 Stuffed Pets and Dolls That Fit in the Palm of Your Hand


by Hitomi Takahashi, Mikiko Matsui, Akemi Tsubo

Packed with more than 40 unique, adorable projects, Palm-Size Softies shows you how easy it is to create some of the most stylish stuffed toys around. Full-color images provide a panoramic view of each critter, and the step-by-step instructions and included templates will make construction of your new friends effortless and quick. Whether you’re searching for a loveable little pup, kitten, bunny, or bear, you’ll find a fun, fast, low-cost craft project that the whole family will enjoy. Easy-to-find materials and distinctive fabrics will give your projects personalities all their own.

What handmade gifts are you making this christmas?

handsome and pretty


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