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You may have noticed that Mindful Monday often refers to the concept of ‘Mindfulness’ (funny that … ) Recently we have been reading and getting to know the work of Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now) and have found it to be extremely inspiring.

The following is an excerpt from an interview he did with Science of Mind magazine :

Science of Mind: Can you suggest some ways to stay focused in the now?

Eckhart Tolle: One thing we can do is to notice the little things all around us, paying attention to details such as the birds in the trees and the flowers in the garden or the park—just notice the beauty everywhere, even the smallest things. To notice seemingly insignificant things requires alertness. That alertness is the key. It is the unconditioned. It is consciousness itself. Another helpful practice is to watch the breath, and breathe consciously. If we are paying attention to our breath, we cannot be thinking of anything else at the same time. Our attention is in the now moment and not on our worries about yesterday or our plans for what we will do next week. We are just breathing, not thinking. Because the practice of breath meditation takes us out of the activity of thought, it is an effective way to awaken. In fact, breath, because it has no form as such, has traditionally been equated with spirit, the formless One Life. In the German language, the word atmen, meaning “breathing,” is derived from atman, which in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India , refers to the innermost essence or universal self.”

(you can read the rest of the article here)


Perhaps today we can take 30 seconds here and there to take ourselves out of the endless thoughts that consume, and take our attention to what surrounds us. Perhaps on the bus or train, taking our focus to our breath and nothing else. Who knows what the effect of a bit of mindfulness might have on the rest of your day.

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