Let’s wear matching shoes…..

Check out this adorable tutorial we found over at Penelope and Pip. The perfect thing to make the little someone in your life who wants to be just like you.

Kids Craft #2: Mum & Me Shoes

Mum and Me Shoes Materials


  1. Shoes (I bought these canvas shoes from Big W for $4 each pair!)
  2. Felt
  3. Fabric glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Paper
  7. Mini cookie cutters

Mum and Me Shoes Step 1

Mum and Me Shoes Step 1 P2


We chose an apple and a pair from our mini cookie cutter selection. Animal shapes or letters would look cute too.

Trace the shapes onto your paper and then cut the paper shape out to use as your template.

You could skip the paper step and just draw onto the felt (but I wanted to teach her about templates so this was a great project for that!)

Mum and Me Shoes Step 2


We cut out our apple and pear shapes using our template and then cut out the stem and leaves using seperate colours.

NOTE: Safety scissors may have difficulty getting through the felt which means an adult will need to help out with this step if you only want your little friend to use safety scissors. My niece was old enough to use “big” scissors so she did this step no worries.

Mum and Me Shoes Step 3

Mum and Me Shoes


Using the rest of your paper to catch any glue drips, put some glue onto a part of the shape and stick to your shoe.

I held the shapes there for a minute or see each so they were firmly attached.

Mum and Me Shoes

Now you have a cute pair of shoes for you and your little mini-me!

Trust me, you’ll get lots of lovely ladies at your local grocery store saying how cute you both look.

Mum and Me Shoes

Mum and Me Shoes

happy crafting

handsome and pretty



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