the anxiety gap

Hello to you all. Happy Monday!


As I think I mentioned before, I (the Lisa half of H&P) have been reading Eckharte Tolle’s The Power of Now. It has been a wonderful eye opener to me regarding behaviour and emotional reactions that I had come to accept as ‘normal’. One particular aspect that really rang true was what he calls ‘the anxiety gap’ –

“The psychological condition of fear is divorced from any concrete and true immediate danger.

It comes in many forms: unease, worry, anxiety, nervousness, tension, dread, phobia, and so on.

This kind of psychological fear is always of something that might happen, not of something that is happening now.

You are in the here and now, while your mind is in the future.

This creates an anxiety gap.

And if you are identified with your mind and have lost touch with the power and simplicity of the Now, that anxiety gap will be your constant companion.

You can always cope with the present moment, but you cannot cope with something that is only a mind projection — you cannot cope with the future.”

 Eckharte Tolle, The Power of Now

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