Hot off the Press

Check out day 10 of the Hot for 2013 in Hotpress Magazine.

Our home grown favourite Arborist are there among others.



Barely three months in business and with only one song to show for it, Belfast-based alternative outfit Arborist might well be the newest act on our list, but if they’re green, the quietly epic sounds they create certainly don’t show it. Helmed by the delightfully brooding Mark McCambridge and featuring a talented team of guests, Arborist went all festive on us with their first release, an Elbow-esque, jingle bell-strewn ditty called ‘Don’t Tell Me I’m Too Old For Christmas’. With the holiday season behind us, it’s still worth a spin, if only to get excited about what marvelous noises McCambridge and company will make in 2013.

Check out Arborist this Friday at McHugh’s in Belfast supporting James Yorkston.

see you down there

handsome and pretty



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