What on earth are you waiting for?

Happy Monday!

Was that title a little aggressive? Apologies … But we were just wondering what are the ‘ideal circumstances’ that you waiting for in order to move forward? The right location, the right amount of money, the right partner, the right look/shape/size, the right weather, the “right time”?  It seems this idea of ‘the right time’ doesn’t actually exist, and rather that it is just one of those little tricks the mind plays on us to enable procrastination and give in to fear. Tough love, but true.

So, here’s what we are deciding this week –

No more of that. The time to act is NOW. Taking risks are scary, but not as bad as realising you let opportunities pass you by. And, most importantly – THIS IS AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY

As Agnes de Mille once very rightly said:

” Dance in the body you have “



handsome and pretty



Let your voice be heard

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