wisdom from the freedom experiment

Hello new week, what will you bring?

We discovered a wonderful website last week called

The Freedom Experiment written by Marthe Hagen.

We encourage you to read her work, in particular,

Change is a Friend of Mine : Wisdom for the Mighty Dreamer.

Hi big dreamer,

You who have a great dream. Not only for yourself, but for humanity, the universe, the world we live in.

You who dream mighty dreams. Vast, improbable and lofty dreams. You who have dreams as big as galaxies and constellations. You who dream so big it takes your breath away.

What you truly are is a world changer.

You. Change. The. World.

(Thank you, thank you, thank you.)

It ain’t easy. I know that. Because in order to be a warrior for change, you need make peace with it.

Change for the worse, change for the better.

You must be able to view change without judgement and labels. Change is change. It doesn’t have to be good or bad, right or wrong. It doesn’t have to have a name, to fit into a category.

The huge journey of change you are about to embark on to make your big dream come true, it is made up of thousands and thousands of elements of alterations, modifications, transformations, refinements, metamorphoses and just plain old everything-upside-down-ness.

Change is funny like that.

To make friends with change – is to be nice to it. Be gentle with it. It’s treating change the way you want to be treated.

Don’t fight it. Don’t fear it. Don’t wish it wasn’t there.

(Oh, and don’t try to ignore it. Nobody likes to be ignored.)

Instead, try to find space in your heart to treasure and appreciate change. Appreciate what is. Because it is.

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