monday thoughts with eckhart tolle

Hello everyone, welcome to Monday! The thought of ‘Monday’ rarely fills one with much excitement .. but perhaps that could be changed by a little mind shift …

On Saturday night we received a link to this post by Eckhart Tolle via twitter.

We loved it and so, had to share.

Dear Friends,

The philosopher Epictetus(AD55-135) wrote:

“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of things.”

If you look closely, you will find that by far the greater part of any unhappiness in you is created not by situations, but by what your mind is saying about them. It’s created by the self-talk in your head. Such dysfunctional thinking strengthens the ego, but it weakens you. How to end it? Meet situations and people without judgment. Don’t indulge in mental movies about past and future. Give your fullest attention to the present moment without mentally labeling it. This is the arising of Presence, a new state of consciousness that frees your mind from its old conditioning. This new consciousness will give rise to a new world.

With love



So what do think? Possible?

handsome and pretty



One thought on “monday thoughts with eckhart tolle

  1. It’s very possible. But for most people it’s also frightening.
    Your self-talk is like your security blanket. If you let it go… are you still You? Of course. You are just a much freer version of you. Plus, you create time when live moment to moment. It’s an amazing way to live.

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