the pressed flower iphone case diy

Hello to Tuesday! How are you doing today?

We discovered an AMAZING tutorial that we simply had to share with you all,

the DIY pressed flower iphone case


How beautiful are they?

You will need:

Pressed dried flowers

Flat, solid white iPhone case

Clear craft glue

A flat and level work surface



Parchment paper


Thin-tip permanent marker


2 clear plastic cups

2 wooden craft sticks

50/50 clear-casting epoxy resin (I used Easy Cast)

Acetone (or a nail polish remover with acetone)


Glitter (Optional)


The tutorial is by Clare McGibbon.

Clare  is a Brooklyn-based designer and maker. When she’s not working on Etsy’s international support team, she’s dreaming up new DIYs or making jewelry for her shop, AWAYSAWAY

Full instructions and the how-tos right HERE on the Etsy Blog.

Hope you love as much as we do!

handsome and pretty



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