through the H&P lens

Well hello Friday, aren’t we glad you’re here! You took so long!

We thought we would introduce an extra brand spanking new feature for Handsome & Pretty today called

Through The Lens

–  a selection of photos that we have taken on our phones every week … from the ridiculous to the sublime!

So, here it goes …

 From the top …

1. An Easter Monday walk along the Thames, uner the shadow of  The Shard!

2. A wind up Blue Bird from a gorgeous little shop

3. A memoryboard washed up by the Thames

4. Fantastic lighting idea – bowler hats!

5. Patterned paper from Tiger

6. Anonymous balloons tied to a lamppost on our street

7. A little polka dot pressie

8. Coffee & crossword from Maison D’Etre in Highbury

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

handsome and pretty



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