prawn and noodle heaven

Hello everyone! We have officially hit mid week!

So, how about you treat yourself to something both healthy and unbelievably delicious for your dinner tonight?

Here at H&P we are huge fans of chef Nigel Slater, and recently watched him cook this prawn and noodle soup. We made it the very next day, and fell in love. Officially, in love, with a soup. Trust us, you will too.

(This recipe will feed four hungry mouths, and, all in all, takes about 1 hour to make.)

Shopping List:


2 large fresh chillies

4 cloves garlic

a lump of ginger the size of your thumb

2 stalks of lemongrass

6 lime leaves

a good handful coriander leaves

a little vegetable oil

500ml chicken / vegetable stock

400ml coconut milk

10 cherry tomatoes

2 tbsp fish sauce

the juice of half a lime

200g raw king prawns, frozen

100g dried noodles, cooked as it says on the packet

a large handful mint leaves

 How to make:

Chop the chillies, peel the garlic and ginger and chop roughly.

Discard the outer leaves of the lemongrass and roughly chop the inner leaves.

Shred the lime leaves and, with the coriander stems and half of the coriander leaves, put them all into a food processor.

Blitz them to a pulp, adding a little vegetable oil if the mixture needs it to go round.


Place a fairly deep pan over a moderate heat, add the spice paste, and fry it, moving it around the pan so it does not scorch. Do this for a minute or two, then pour in the stock & the coconut milk, and bring to the boil.


Cut the tomatoes into quarters and add them to the soup with the fish sauce and lime juice. They will take about seven minutes to cook.

Then add the prawns – they are cooked when they take on a pink colour. Chop up the remaining coriander leaves and add to the sauce.

Now to serve, put a swirl of noodles in each of four bowls, pour over the sauce and add the chopped mint at the last second for a bit of freshness.



Mouth wateringly, heart warmingly, out of this world delicious.

Give it a go!

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